At Third Space Media, we appreciate the digital savvy of your customers. In both the B2B and B2C environments, we are encountering sophisticated, well-informed buyers who know the power of a tweet and are not afraid to use it. Our aim is to engage your market with must-share creative and to extend the hand of digital friendship. In the TSM model, producers and consumers negotiate the sales cycle as allies.

Evan Clayburg and Lauren Cole Norton started Third Space Media in 2014 after collaborating on several successful ventures—including Third Space, an urban regeneration project that converted an abandoned warehouse into a vibrant, multi-purpose workshop and venue space. Third Space Media brings the same spirit of creative entrepreneurship to the digital world.

Lauren Cole Norton


For Lauren, it’s all about voice. Whether you’re selling a healthcare product with an 8 billion dollar R&D budget, or an $8 falafel wrap, your brand needs to be the voice of your industry. Voice is unique, compelling, and precise. Voice is memorable and it’s convincing. It takes a lot of moxie to speak to an audience, let’s make your product sing.

Lauren has completed projects for major brands like GE Healthcare and Fox Searchlight Pictures, collaborated with artisanal food producers (Pepper Peddler Coffee, Fuzion Eatz), and promoted international recording artists (Mick Flannery, Peggy Sue).

Evan Clayburg

Creative Director

Evan Clayburg has 10+ years working as a graphic designer and art director. For him great design means nothing without a strong message behind it and vice versa. He believes in creative and unique design solutions with a keen eye for simplicity, clarity, and usability, understanding that creating these solutions is a unique challenge.

He has worked with clients of various scopes and disciplines, from fortune 100 companies to startups and nonprofits. He likes working with people who believe in and are passionate about what they’re doing, helping them present their passion to the world.